Ask Kate: what should I replace my curtains with?


Q. Hi Kate, what would you suggest for window dressings in my lounge? Excuse the poor photo, but we have inherited maroony red curtains, I don’t love them, but am struggling to find something that works.

Thanks in advance, Amy

curtain dilemma cropped

A.  Hi Amy, thank you for taking the time to send your question and a photo. I can see that the curtains you have inherited are certainly not a match with the style your are creating in this room. I would suggest having some curtains made by The Curtain Studio or Harrisons have a good selection of fabrics and different price points.

To make the ceiling feel higher I would suggest a rail that is the SAME colour as your wall – and hanging the curtains so that the rail is hidden – like the below image:

Curtain image 1

Lined sheers would give a feeling of elegance – rather than a block cold colour.

Curtain image 2

I would also suggest putting long curtains on the short window – this will simplify the space and elongate the wall. The amount a curtain touches the ground is called a ‘puddle’ – I suggest having a slight puddle – its more elegant – like the second image. I suggest an inverted pleat (image below) – or pencil pleat (images above).

Curtain image 3

And a few general notes on fabrics:

> Avoid shiny fabrics – unless they are high-end

> Natural fibers always fall better but can be more expensive

Hope this advice helps : )


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