Ask Kate: Where should we put our second toilet?


Q. Hi Kate, we need another toilet.  Should we add it to an already cramped bathroom or create a new space using the hallway at front door.  This would allow it to be between 2 bedrooms but would lose us an exit there are 3 exits at present. Grandson a builder so framing etc not a problem.  Would be dearer plumbing. Thanks, Patricia.


A. Hi Patricia, thank you for sharing your question. It is certainly always helpful to have a second toilet to a house. I’m assuming that you already have one separate toilet on its own. If your bathroom is cramped because it is poorly laid out then I would suggest modernising the bathroom and including a toilet in it.

Adding a Powder Room in your hallway area sounds like it would work space wise – however I think reducing an exit and creating a new room requiring plumbing are both things that would require council consent.

Perhaps you could add a toilet to your laundry or garage? Definitely an option if they already have plumbing.

Sorry I can’t answer this specifically – it’s hard without seeing a floorplan of your house.

Thanks and good luck.




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