Finding the elusive Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant


It’s the stylish plant that elevates your home to Pinterest-worthy status…but where the heck do you get it in NZ?

At the moment the Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant (Ficus Lyrata) is everywhere. Sitting smugly in seagrass baskets on your Pinterest feed.  Propped beside perfectly ‘unmade’ beds with charcoal grey stonewashed linen sheets. Instagrammed in front of gallery art walls in eclectic Californian bungalows. Yep, everywhere. Everywhere except plant nurseries in New Zealand, that is.

The plant is popular for a few reasons. Admittedly yes, a lot of us are susceptible to the influence of stylish people and homes on social media, but this is a plant with substance too. Even though it’s native to Africa and used to tropical climates, it’s still pretty tough and adaptable. Enough at least, that even the gardening challenged of us can keep it alive.

Fiddle Leaf in New York living room

Fiddle Leaf in Melbourne living room

Fiddle Leaf in living room from Houzz

Images from Houzz


The Fiddle Leaf Fig can grow to six feet or more to make a big statement in the corner of your room, or hallway of the home. Their large, violin shaped leaves that are leathery, glossy and quite distinctive. There’s also the added benefit of the plant purifying the air of toxins and improving your home’s feng shui.

Fiddle Leaf in Bedroom from Houzz

Fiddle Leaf in bathroom from Houzz

Images from Houzz

Where to get it

So there’s good news and bad news. The good news is we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of places that source Ficus Lyrata when available.  The bad news is that they go like hot cakes, but if you hit them up at the right time then you will be in luck. You can also ask to go on a waiting list (although I have been advised that this can sometimes be for up to a year).

Auckland – Kings Plant Barn

Wellington – Thorndon Green

Christchurch + North Island – Orderings

Alexandra – Ruby Tuesday

Queenstown – Hide + Seek Style

Cromwell, Dunedin (and nationwide) – Nichols

According to the blog My Little House, Fiddle Leaf Fig plants have even been known to pop up at The Warehouse

If all else fails, you can always take the easy route and go faux. Flux Boutique has a Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig that will do the trick.

Fiddle Leaf in office from Houzz

Do you know anywhere else in New Zealand you can get the Fiddle Leaf?

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  • Stacey Waghorn

    I got one today from Mrs bottomley’s at the tannery in chch

  • Karen

    Aucklanders, we’ve got lots of large and small Fiddle Leaf Leaf Figs at

  • Lulu

    I puchased one at The Warehouse for $18. It was on sale, they’re usually about $29.95. Which is a whole lot cheaper than others are selling them for. $50 – $100 at most garden or plant places. Bit of a rip off, just trying to cash in on their popularity I suppose.

  • Linda

    I’ve seen them at Bunnings Hawera

  • Lulu

    Just bought a small one this afternoon from Mitre 10 in Paraparaumu.

  • Kay

    Dunedin Nichols is well stocked, but they are small. The big ones go for about $200.

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