Spartherm Corner Inbuilt Wood Fireplace
Spartherm Single Large Swing Door Wood Burner
Spartherm Single XL Wood Fireplace
Spartherm Single Sided XL Wood Fire



Fire is our heart and the heart of our homes. Spartherm brings passion to design and gives wood fire the centre stage. Spartherm inbuilt wood burners push the boundaries of design to bring you remarkable, luxurious wood fires. Their fireplaces are endlessly ambitious, visionary but simple. Linear design and clean form meet winning technology. Spartherm is Europe’s premium fireplace manufacturer and leads with a vision for sustainability paired with pure elegance.

Spartherm recognises that wood fire is our heritage and brings flame with us into the future. From their double-sided woodfire to the ambitious three-sided bay fire, to the comfort of the single fronted fires, these fireplaces provide a counterpoint to busy lives. They return the interplay of flame and family, and will be the heart of your home.

Spartherm Corner Wood Fire


Spartherm Wood Fires are the European Union’s premier fireplace designers and manufacturers. The company’s headquarters are at Melle, where for decades Spartherm have conceptualised and made beautiful fires.

The wood fires look simple but conceal 30 years of boundary-pushing design and innovation. Spartherm commit their know-how and technical skill to creating their fire inserts. The inserts are the heart of the fireplace, the unfussy exterior belying the years of thought and development that has created powerfully simple fireplaces. The simple design sets wood fire free, giving flame the centre stage.