• Spartherm Corner Wood Fireplace
  • Spartherm Corner Inbuilt Wood Fireplace
  • Spartherm Double Sided Wood Fireplace
  • Escea Outdoor Wood Fireplace



Wood fireplaces are hot. Yes, they keep you warm, but they are actually hot. No one lies on a rug in front of a heat pump. Like most of life’s great romances, wood fires are a bit messier than those fairytales and need your attention, but they keep your soul warm. And they will always pull you close. Come into their embrace and set your heart on fire.

Outdoor Wood Fire


Wood fires are fabulous. Romantic. Sensual and hot. At Stoke, we bring the best of the world’s wood fires to you – German premier manufacturer Spartherm’s jaw-droppingly awesome insert fires. We also have Escea’s fabulous outdoor fireplace, that also doubles as a training ground for all you would-be chefs and barbeque heroes.


Unlike older wood fires, modern wood burners and inserts are highly engineered to make sure the fireplaces are efficient and keep you warm. Designers bring decades of experience in a range of homes and environments, and translate this knowledge into the fireplace design. These fireplaces have high heat output – whether you are choosing a fire for a small room or your generous living space.

Spartherm Double Sided Wood